Thursday, August 9, 2018

Clayton: The No Way Buffet

Have you heard of the saying, no way, Jose? Well, now there's Clayton, the No Way Buffet!

In 2017, Las Tinajas, a popular buffet located in Boulevard San Juan 32 in Cordoba province had shut down. But like Doctor Who, it didn't stay gone for very long. It came back with a brand new face, but was the food any different?
In February 2018, the buffet restaurant reopened, but was now called Clayton. During their first month in business, they charged about the same price for lunch and dinner per person as they did when they were named Las Tinajas. I assumed that the prices would eventually go up after the month was up, but they didn't.
Las Tinajas - Prices in 2017

Prices for Clayton's first month

Current Price for Clayton as of July 2018

Another thing that didn't really change was the quality of food. Actually, I'm lying. It was actually worse. Everything was ice cold and the trays at the buffet were half empty. Sadly, the people in charge of filling the food trays were nowhere in sight during the hour and a half we were there. 
The only positive things I can say about Clayton are that the waiters and waitresses were friendly, the desserts were... acceptable, and the restaurant was clean.
But ten minutes after we ate, we were rushing home and fighting to see who was going to use the restroom first, and in my experience that's usually the result of poorly prepared food and cross-contamination. Of course, everyone has an off day, even restaurants, so it could have been that they were short-staffed that day. Who knows? But first impressions make a big impact on my personal decisions. So, would I go twice? No way!

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