Sunday, February 7, 2016

Pigging Out at Altagracia’s Annual International Food Festival in Argentina

Every year around the end of January through the first week of February, the people of Cordoba and its neighboring cities can look forward to the Annual Food Festival (Encuentro Anual De Colectividades).
It's held in Altagracia, a city on the outskirts of Cordoba. There are kiosks selling food from a variety of countries from around the world like Iraq, Mexico, Poland, Germany, Cuba, the United States, Spain, Uruguay, Italy, Armenia and South Africa.
The food is delicious, but you'll need a lot of Argentine pesos to enjoy it. The cost of each item or meal varies from 40 Argentine pesos ($2.79 USD) to 166 Argentine pesos ($11.56 USD).
Of course, not every food item was a clear winner. I bought a cheesecake which was frozen solid. I could have broken a car window with it. In fairness, the lady did warn me that she had to freeze the cheesecake to keep it from going bad. I ended up breaking 4 plastic spoons trying to dig into it. In the end, the frustration soured the taste.
One of my friends ordered a paella from the 'Spain' booth and wasn't too happy with the taste of it or the fact that the rice had more chicken in it than actual seafood, which a paella apparently needs.
The desserts, however were really good, particularly those from Poland and Germany. They offered some of the softest cakes ever. It was far better than the dry, bland cakes that most local supermarkets offer.
Musical guests were also in attendance throughout the festival, but they weren't anyone I would recognize. My knowledge of Latino performers is limited to Ricky Martin, J. Lo, and Enrique Iglesias (neither of which were present). Beyond that, I know nothing.
All in all, I would totally recommend the festival if you're interested in sampling some delicious international food, listen to good music, do a little shopping, spend quality time with your friends and family and drink the night away.