Saturday, January 26, 2019

The Bronx Pizza Brings Back Memories

It's been six years since I've had anything remotely similar to a huge slice of New York style pizza. Don't get me wrong. Ugi's is amazing! But the slices are still standard size. My husband and I miss those humongous, greasy, heart-attack inducing pizza slices we used to order from John's Pizza in the Bronx. Thankfully, we found a place in Buenos Aires appropriately named The Bronx Pizza, so we decided to check it out.
What can I say about the establishment's interior? It speaks for itself. The wall has pizza inspired messages and New York city skylines. 
The tables are wrapped in printouts of The New York Times newspaper headlines. And the overhead menu is all in English! But would the pizzas be the same as the ones we used to eat back home?
Overhead menu

The pizza slices on displays were certainly a lot bigger than the shrinky dinky sizes they serve in Argentine pizzerias. So that was certainly a good sign. They had a variety of menu options. But I was looking forward to a pepperoni pizza slice because pepperoni is virtually a myth here. The closest thing you can get to it here is Spanish sausage (not as dirty as it sounds), which is too expensive and no one really buys it.
The photo doesn't do the slices justice. I was holding the pepperoni slice while taking a selfie and half of the cheese fell off. My bad. Not theirs.

So we ordered a slice each and the pizzas did not disappoint. The slices were big and greasy. They even stuffed the crust with cheese. Alright so there wasn't as much cheese in the crust as the ones you'd get at Pizza Hut, but it was a pretty nice bonus. But did the pepperoni meet our expectations?

The pepperoni on the pizza was decent enough, but I think it was cut a bit too thick. The pepperoni slices in the States are usually paper thin. These weren't, but who cares? It tasted great, and our taste buds were satisfied.

So we got a little taste of home and friendly service all at the same time. The next time I visit B.A., I will definitely be making a stop (or two) at The Bronx Pizza in Ayacucho 1188.
SIDE NOTE: I know I said I was done with this blog. But when I spoke with my blog (yeah, I do that. It's really weird!), I quoted Jack from Brokeback Mountain and said, "I wish I knew how to quit you." But clearly, I don't know how. So expect more entries in the near future. See you soon!