Sunday, September 29, 2013

Cordoba Book Fair 2013 (Feria De Libros)

Every year, Cordoba holds a book fair in Plaza San Martin. The fair is sponsored by the province’s government and Holiday Inn and local banks. You’ll find all types of genres from science fiction to science fact, suspense, horror, young adult, romance, religious, anime, graphic novels, cookbooks, college textbooks and children’s books.
They even offer a café where you and your friends or family can sit and chat.
The only thing you’re not likely to find is an abundance of books written in international languages such as English. Some vendors do have a small selection of novels but if you’re looking for Interview with the Vampire, The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Twilight, City of Bones or Vampire Diaries you’ll find them only in Spanish.
Even if books don’t interest you that much, just looking at Plaza San Martin in the evening is beautiful. So take some time and do a little sightseeing.
The book fair, known as Feria de Libros, is held in the beginning of September and lasts about two weeks. So mark your calendars for 2014 and check it out!

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