Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Subway Franchise Is Dying in Argentina and I’m Not Shedding a Tear

Subway, the fast food franchise that sells sub sandwiches, is dunzo in Cordoba province. In 2018, they cleared out right under our noses and were replaced by HOLA Sr. THOMPSON. It's a semi-imitation of Subway, but with an Argentine twist to their menu. The name is also a reference to an episode of "The Simpsons" where witness protection agents were training Homer to respond to "Hello, Mr. Thompson."
But did Subway leave Argentina for good? That would be a no. There are still tons of Subway restaurants throughout the province of Buenos Aires, which was lucky for me, or so I thought.

In 2019, I paid another visit to the Argentine capital and decided to go to a Subway restaurant for a taste of home. I figured this would be the last time I'd probably get to sample a meatball sub or a B.M.T., which contains salami, ham, and pepperoni. But my final experience with the Subway franchise wasn't all it was cracked up to be.
For starters, their store hours claimed they'd be open at 10 a.m. I got there at 11 and was welcomed by a shutter full of graffiti. I waited patiently until about 12:20 p.m. Then a Subway employee lifted the shutters and opened the door.
He told me the soda machine only dispensed Coke, which was fine. But when I went to pour the drink into my cup, all I got was clear soda water. The guy just laughed at the situation and suggested I wait until the machine warmed up. So I did. The Coke finally came out the right color for me, but came out clear when my hubby tried filling his cup. Despite this, I was really looking forward to eating my sub. 
They didn't have a meatball sub option on their menu either, so I went with the B.M.T. But the sandwich didn't taste right. I've never been disappointed by the Subway subs I've eaten in Florida, New York, or Cordoba, but this was definitely a nightmare to my stomach. It smelled and tasted like all the ingredients in the sandwich had been sitting next to a kerosene canister. 

I tried eating it anyway because I hate throwing food away. But once my stomach started hurting, I tossed the sandwich in the garbage can and walked out. 

Now, given the spiraling Argentine economy and the fact that Subway has had to close several stores to stay in business, I wouldn't be surprised if 2019 is the year Subway vanishes from Argentina. But after this experience, I probably wouldn't shed a tear.

(UPDATE May 2019: The Subway store I referenced on this post has shut down)

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