Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Going Global At Global Village 2014 In Cordoba Argentina

Global Village was an event held at Studio Theater in Cordoba Capital Argentina. It brings people from diverse cultures and backgrounds together to share and to celebrate their uniqueness with music, dancing, information and most importantly, food!
There were tables representing Spain, Croatia, Paraguay, Cuba, the Middle East, Poland, Germany, Canada and Italy (and if I’m forgetting anyone I am deeply sorry).
 There were performers entertaining us with Polish dancing. Performers from other countries like Germany and Italy performed as well. Enjoy this short video I made of the event.
I loved that everyone at the event respected the different cultures present at this event. I’ve recently dealt with three separate situations where this was not the case, leaving me a little disheartened. So Global Village was a very refreshing experience and frankly it gives me hope that it will open people’s minds to allowing people of all cultures and walks of life to express themselves freely without the fear of prejudice.
I'm looking forward to the next event and I hope that people from other cultures will be encouraged to participate as well.

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