Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Nueva Cordoba - Video Tour

Happy New Year! Okay, so I'm nine days late. But I also bring a very late Christmas present. It's a video tour of Nueva Cordoba to kick-start 2013.  

Now, downtown and Nueva Cordoba are practically within walking distance of each other, but it has a more modern theme, which makes it the ideal spot for expats.    
You’ll find hotels, cultural hostels like Catre Diem, Irish Pubs, American style restaurants, international restaurants, Paseo Del Buen Pastor, which was once a women’s prison now turned cultural center.  You can even go to Casa De Buenos Aires, a museum/tourist building that has all forms of information on the capital of Argentina.

The shopping mall, Patio Olmos is on the border of Nueva Cordoba. Aside, from McDonald’s and Burger King, you’ll also find the HOYTS Cinema, Yenny bookstore, a bowling rink, arcades, a private hospital, toy stores and an assortment of clothing stores, all in the mall! So, if you're ever in town, take a stroll through Nueva Cordoba.   


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