Monday, July 1, 2013

Product Price Comparisons in Argentina vs the U.S.

Trix Cereal = 26.75 Argentinian Pesos = 4.97 USD
Ham and Cheese Sandwich – 46.90 Argentinian Pesos = 8.71 USD

Power Rangers Action Figure = 369.00 Argentinian Pesos = 68.52 USD

Doll House Sets – 320.00 Argentinian Pesos = 59.42 USD

Hello Kitty – 189.00 Argentinian Pesos = 35.00 USD

Ben 10 Book Bag – 409.00 Argentinian Pesos = 75.95 USD

Board Game – 329.00 Argentinian Pesos = 61.00 USD

 84.90 Argentinian Pesos = 15.74 USD

 1,099 Argentinian Pesos = 203.71 USD

I was floored by the prices here during my first few weeks in Argentina. Then I did the conversion to U.S. dollars and realized that most items, especially food, are relatively affordable. Toys and electronics are usually the most expensive. Also, please keep in mind that the pricing conversion is based on the current cost of U.S. dollars as of July 1st, 2013.


  1. I definitely agree with you! I would like to move to Buenos Aires in the future but I want to bring clothes and house goods with me as I found when I was living there as a student that clothes especially are more expensive and bad quality compared to what you can find in the USA.

  2. I've had some issues with the clothes as well. They seem to come apart at the seam after a couple of washes. I miss JCPenny. I always found decent clothes at reasonable prices.