Monday, November 25, 2013

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary in Cordoba Argentina

On November 23rd at 4:50pm, my spouse, my friends, and I had a date with one of the most famous time-traveler in television history. I’m talking about Doctor Who of course!
Fans worldwide celebrated the broadcast of the 50th anniversary special. When I heard that the special would be shown in 3D in theaters around the world, I hoped, but never expected that they would show it in theaters in Cordoba.
They also held Argentina's first Doctor Who Convention in Buenos Aires, but I couldn't go. Let's hope it's a hit so that they do it again next year. Maybe then I can go. Here’s a link to the Who Con in Buenos Aires:
A fan dressed up as Doctor Who
It turns out that Cordoba has a modest number of Doctor Who followers. They even have a group on Facebook called Whovian Cordobeses. There are currently about 49 members but that number is growing.
After the movie, we were invited by other fans to a nearby park. We sat in a circle and introduced ourselves. We spoke about Doctor Who for over an hour. Then we moved the group to an outdoor restaurant where we spoke some more about the Doctor Who universe.

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