Friday, September 13, 2013

ConComics (Cordoba) Argentina 2013 - Meeting Jason Faunt

It’s that time of the year when people start behaving like characters from The Big Bang Theory. I’m talking about Comic Con … or rather ConComics Argentina 2013.
Last year’s ConComics was not up to par and I was a little nervous that we might have been wasting our money buying tickets for this event. In 2012, many people, including myself, had complained on the ConComics site that it was too small and didn’t offer enough recognizable celebrity guests. Well they must have listened because the 2013 ConComics in Cordoba Argentina was filled with merchandise and people from different provinces.

There were more pins, memorabilia and T-shirts from various films, TV shows and anime.

I wore on my Doctor Who socks and my Dalek t-shirt in honor of this year’s Doctor Who 50th Anniversary. My spouse Zach wore a Tardis t-shirt to show his support as well.

Cosplay is a big thing in this event. A lot of people are quite inventive when it comes to making their own costumes.

 Of course, the biggest event, at least for me, was meeting celebrity guest Jason Faunt. Jason starred on Power Rangers Time Force as Wes Collins, the Red Ranger, and also his future counterpart, Alex. He was the coolest. He answered fan questions and he took his time in getting to know his fans. He took photos with everyone and signed just about anything. If people didn’t have, or couldn’t afford a photo of him, he’d sign the back of cell phones and even blank paper. He was even kind enough to allow me to film a shout out to my friend Joey in Colorado, who is also a fan. Jason’s autograph line was the longest of the other guests.  

I’d say that this was quite an enjoyable Comic Con convention for both me and my spouse and I look forward to an even bigger convention (hopefully) in 2014 with more amazing guests like Jason Faunt.

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