Monday, July 30, 2012

Job Hunting In Argentina When You're An Expat

If you intend to live in Argentina then there are a few things you should know when it comes to finding work.
Age Requirement
Age is a major factor here. If you're 35 or older, you may encounter some problems landing a job.

Argentinean businesses reserve the right to discriminate job candidates based on gender.

It´s Not Who You Are. It's Who You Know
It's not always about your experience or degree. It's about your connections. If you have friends or family in Argentina who are well placed in stable businesses, your chances of getting your foot in the door increases exponentially.

Jobs To Look For
The most secure jobs in Argentina are in the financial industry. Citibank and HSBC Bank are some of the best options. Unfortunately, they are not currently hiring as of this post.  

Computer programming or computer repair are also great career options.

Teaching English In Argentina
The truth is that it's difficult for foreigners to get into a public university to become an English professor. You’re better off trying a private language school or offering private classes.

Be Knowledgeable
I highly recommend that you get a good working knowledge of Argentina’s Castilian language. Yes! There are some differences to other forms of Spanish spoken in Spain or Latin America.

Keep in mind that all computer programs, like Excel and Word, are in Spanish. The command functions for spreadsheet formulas are in Spanish as well so you should familiarize yourself with this ahead of time. 

Make sure your high school and college diplomas and transcripts are apostilled and notarized. Some jobs may require that you present these things.

Job Outlook
The Argentineans I've spoken to so far have a very grim view of the job outlook. So I strongly urge you to save some money before coming here. You will need it to stay afloat until you land a job. You are better off securing a job before arriving in Argentina. I´ve heard of an expat from Italy who came here, but couldn’t find a job. Eventually he ran out of money and now, he can’t afford to return home. Don’t let that happen to you. It’s a nightmare.